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helping children grow and learn since 1973

Here at Frohliche, our goal is to have children develop in their knowledge of the world around them, in their skills with materials both familiar and new, and in their relationships with others.

As we develop the theme areas, children learn to work independently and as a group. They gain social skills and develop a positive self-image from their achievements. They learn to think, reason, grow, and explore.

Our science study explores the world of young children by using their five senses. They develop an interest in nature and the wonders of everyday life.

Motor skills are fostered through activities and games, encouraging  physical and mental growth.

We offer a variety of sessions to fit your family’s needs. We invite you to see what we have to offer!


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We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions or comments regarding our policies, procedures, staff or your child, please do not hesitate to contact us by visit, phone or email. Also, if you wish to tour the preschool before committing, you may call and schedule a visit with Mrs. Shelley.


Areas of Learning

Brain-Body Exercises

We work on building core strength that is essential for every childhood function, as well as learning to cross their mid-line. Developing gross motor skills at this age helps develop fine motor skills needed in upcoming school years. Students also learn some basic yoga movements.
This time also helps get their wiggles out, allowing them to be ready to pay attention.

Music Time

Our music time incorporates gross motor skills, rhythm and rhyme practice. We also use hand instruments, scarves or other props. In December students practice and learn holiday songs, and perform for our family and friends right before the Christmas break. While we do have a dedicated time during our session for music, we also incorporate short songs or rhymes in almost all of parts of our preschool day.


play time

We have two different play times during each session. All play areas are open for students to choose from. There are a wide variety of ways to play during this time - coloring, tactile (shaving foam, Moon Dough), dolls, vehicles, role play (kitchen, store, tool bench), building (blocks, magnetic tiles), physical (scooters, hopping balls) and lots more.
Students develop social skills, turn-taking, and problem solving strategies.

calendar time

Calendar concepts, gross and fine motor skills, early math and reading development encompass this activity time. Students gather in our Calendar Room and a student is selected on a rotating basis to be the Calendar Person for the day. The Calendar Person assists in discussion about the month, day and day of the week, as well as weather observations for the day. They lead the class in counting all the students present and hold the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance.

share time

Two children during each session share an item they brought from home with students, which is brought to school in The Share Bag. The teacher asks questions about the item before it is revealed. Is it hard or soft? Do you sleep with it? Is it big or small? Students who are sharing decide if their item is a Looking Share or Touching Share when sharing with their classmates. The Share Bag is sent home with two different students at the end of share time. 

work time

This includes creative art projects, manipulative activities, games, and fine motor skill practice to develop kindergarten readiness. Students work on cutting, gluing and coloring during most work time activities.Older students make a paper bag puppet featuring an animal that coordinates with the letter of the week. All students complete a page in their Concept Books each week that focuses on the letter that is studied each week.

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